• 2022-05-10

Paving process

  • 2022-05-05

The main function of the skirting line is to make the wall and the ground combines firmly, reduce the deformation of the wall, avoid the damage caused by the collision of external force, and also reduce the pollution of the wall caused by the splash of dirty water on the wall when the ground is mopped. Of course, stair skirting also has this function.

author: Ben
  • 2022-01-13

Inorganic artificial stone

  • 2021-01-06

The construction industry has begun to focus on the environmental impact of many construction materials recently. The evaluation of products in the“green movement" encompasses many elements, which must be weighed on a scale of relative importance. These elements include the longevity of the material, the composition, maintenance, recycled content, embodied energy, and the “cradle-to-grave” environmental impact.

LEED is a registered trademark of the U.S. Green Building Council see as below:

  • 2021-01-06

Designing with White Terrazzo

  • 2021-01-06

The emerging trend of Biophilic design is here to stay. The term Biophilia, is defined as “a desire or tendency to commune with nature.”

  • 2021-01-06

Truely terrazzo is totally eco-friendly material

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