• 2022-07-25

Translucent stone puzzle

When many people go to high-end consumer markets or high-end villas, they will see the very eye-catching light-transmitting stone veneer, which is beautiful and brings a strong atmosphere to the space.


The translucent stone has the unique characteristics of crystal clear and transparent, coupled with gorgeous and pleasing diversified colors, which skillfully transforms the monotonous and boring plane into three-dimensional visual art. , permanent, with a transparent and light-transmitting texture. Therefore, it has been widely used in the construction and decoration industry at home and abroad.

Translucent stone can be used for wall decoration, ceiling, translucent background wall, special-shaped lighting, translucent ceiling, translucent bar, translucent floor, translucent column, translucent lamp post, and various shapes of translucent. Light countertops and light-transmitting artworks, ornaments, etc.

So what types of these translucent stones are there?
At present, the translucent stone on the market mainly includes natural stone and artificial stone. The essential difference between the two is that natural stone is formed naturally, mainly jade, semi-precious stones and ultra-thin stones. The artificial light-transmitting stone is a composite material, which is made of polymer materials. Judging from the appearance, it is difficult for ordinary consumers to see the difference between artificial translucent stone and natural translucent stone.

The main raw materials and process points of light-transmitting stone

①, Translucent natural stone varieties: generally jade, semi-precious stones, and ultra-thin stone (ordinary marble has a certain light transmission effect as long as it is thin enough).

Stone varieties, such as rosin jade, white marble, imported jade, and luxury stone with crystals.

②. Synthetic stone: Artificial synthetic stone contains a certain proportion of resin in its formula. According to the synthetic stone process, only translucent marble stone, translucent resin and light-colored pigment can be used to produce translucent synthetic stone. Plates have a competitive advantage over a natural stone in terms of high-volume production capacity.

3. Process points: The cutting and installation method of the light-transmitting stone is similar to that of ordinary stone and glass. It can be bonded, framed, punched, etc. It should be noted that because the light-transmitting stone itself has the characteristics of controllable light transmittance, so The requirements for the light source are not high, generally fluorescent tubes or LED light sources can be used, but in order to make the surface light source uniform, the light source needs to maintain a distance of more than 15cm from the surface.

At the moment when we pay attention to life experience, the decoration is no longer simply painting the walls and laying the floor, but pays more attention to the creation of the atmosphere, that is, to have a certain feeling, people can't forget it at first sight, it is best to dream about it~

Translucent stone works very well in different styles, layouts, and characteristic spaces. Art light (or natural light) penetrates from the inside of the stone, fully expressing the texture, color and texture of the natural stone, enhancing the visual effect of the stone, and is softer and more natural than direct lighting.

                                                 Casa de la Cantera

                                    Design: Ramón Esteve Estudio

                                                    Location: Spain

Casa de la Cantera is located at the top of a hillside in Valencia, Spain. The stairs without handrails on the first floor are divided by a piece of transparent glass. The cantilevered stair steps are made of light-transmitting stone. When you enter the door, you can see the luminous stairs are bigger than crystal. Chandeliers are more dazzling. Like the stairs, the marble in the background of the living room is also luminous jade, which makes the white minimalist style have an unusual feeling.

Fire as the design inspiration, with its masculinity to dispel and invigorate the original gloomy chill of the building, and the camp illuminates the strong atmosphere of the Chinese restaurant. The entrance space of the restaurant is made of light-transmitting stone, with beautiful flame patterns on the light-transmitting stone, which leads people into the restaurant like a time-space tunnel, which strengthens the sense of ritual and drama at the entrance.

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