• 2021-01-06

What is sustainable development?


It's fresh air

it's a blue sky

The river is always clear

It is to allow the non-renewable to regenerate in another way

What is Terrazzo?


It's to keep the water circulating

aLet stone rubble “turn waste into treasure"

Recycle resources

Is to let the non-renewable stone waste scrap, broken glass, shells and so on regenerate in another way

Every year, tens of thousands of tons of waste stone scraps, broken glass, shells and other materials are collected around the world

Set up the maximum raw material warehouse

In order to protect the concept of ecological balance, with a heart of environmental protection

Shaping ordinary waste stones into works

Restore the rare natural texture of more than 200 types

And give them light and value


And Strict selection of more than 1000 kinds of raw materials

Homogenization, mixing, vacuum vibration, pressure, curing and other 8 systems

26 processes and dozens of processes

Thousand of tons of weight

to tousands of degrees Celsius high temperature quenching

Up to 30 days of curing cycle

Only to present the most perfect terrazzo plate


Up IOKA terrazzo board is upgraded from style, technology, size, etc.(the company can provide the maximum size of terrazzo board: 2400*1600mm/ 2400*1800mm)

Products are not only safe and healthy, physical characteristics can be comparable to natural stone

Moreover, it is fashionable, beautiful, enviromentally friendly and comfortable.

It is Widely used in large shopping mall, brand stores, commercial space, airport, subway, villas and so on.


From 2008 to 2021, from China to the world

We take the lead in introducing the world's most advanced inorganic terrazzo plate production equeipment from Italy.

Build the first inorganic stone brick production line in China.

Ten years interation, never slack

Only to present the best terrazzo

Let more people enjoy the beauty of natural health


For more details, please contact ben@iokastone.com

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