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Stone weight, volume, transportation fee| Calculation method:
1. How to calculate the weight of marble

Usually the specific gravity of marble is 2.5 weight (tons) = cubic meters multiplied by specific gravity

Accurate: Take a 10 cm square stone to measure the specific gravity by yourself

2. Stone weight calculation and transportation cost calculation method

Let's first understand (term) Stone volume, also called cube, = length * width * height stone proportion, also called density.

The density or specific gravity of granite is about 2.6-2.9 tons per cubic, and the density or specific gravity of marble is about 2.5 tons per cubic.

Calculate the stone weight: stone volume or cubic * density or specific gravity, that is: length * width * thickness * specific gravity = stone weight, if you want to know the price of each stone (from the source of the source - the place of use).

The calculation method is:

Length * width * height * proportion * tons / price = price of each stone.

3. Calculation of stone volume, thickness and weight

(1) Only product calculation:

1 talent = 303×303㎜;

1 ping = 36 ping; 1 square meter (㎡) = 10.89 ping = 0.3025 ping

Talent calculation: length (meter) × width (meter) × 10.89 = talent


With a length of 3.24 meters and a width of 5.62 meters, its talent product is calculated as follows → 3.24 × 5.62 × 10.89 = 198.294 talent = 5.508 ping

(2) Thickness calculation:

1. Calculated in centimeters (㎝): 1 centimeter (㎝) = 10 mm (㎜) = 0.01 meters (m)

(1) Common thickness of granite: 15mm, 19mm, 25mm, 30mm, 50mm

(2) Common thickness of marble: 20mm, 30mm, 40mm

(3) Common thickness of Roman stone and imported stone: 12mm, 19mm

2. Calculated in points:

1 point = 1/8 inch = 3.2mm (commonly known as 3mm)

4 points = 4/8 inch = 12.8mm (commonly known as 12mm)

5 points = 5/8 inches = 16㎜ (commonly known as 15㎜)

6 points = 6/8 inch = 19.2mm (commonly known as 19mm)

(3) Weight calculation:

1. Granite and marble: 5 points = 4.5㎏; 6 points = 5㎏; 3㎝ = 7.5㎏ 2.

Roman stone: 4 points = 2.8㎏; 6 points = 4.4㎏

4. Column stone, special-shaped stone Stone column is actually very general, and the shape is different, there is no formula to directly quote.

Basically unit price = cost + profit = material cost + processing cost + gross profit

(1). The cost of materials is easy to calculate, and the processing cost is very different due to the different difficulty of processing the shape of the stone cylinder, the different materials used, and the equipment, processing capacity, and expertise of each factory, so there is no way to accurately calculate it. .

(2). For some conventional and simple stone cylinders, it is easy to calculate on the surface. Be sure to pay attention to the size and color required by customers. After all, the length of stone cylinders is relatively large, so it is difficult to find blocks that meet the size, so the price is not high. It is not set according to the conventional plate price and block price. But according to the specific size, many will be used later.

(3). Therefore, the direct method is that you have done processing and can only be calculated after a long period of experience accumulation. Generally, experienced teachers will use the empirical formula to calculate. Example: Our company had some columns that were very difficult to process before, and the processing factory estimated a cost based on past experience. This processing factory has made special shapes and columns for more than ten years. However, because the actual production is more difficult than imagined, the cost has increased by 50% (the factory itself said), but due to the factory's own miscalculation, the price remains the same as the original price. Otherwise, if it is estimated by our company, it will be finished, and it will be lost.

(4). If you are a trading company, it is best not to quote for special-shaped stones such as stone columns, especially those that are difficult to process, or it is easy to make mistakes in estimation. It is better to quote the security based on the factory price.

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